Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Osaka University in Autumn


stars in the day

just love the colour

mix and match

such perfect yellow



It can be beautiful everywhere, if you know where to look. ;)

To most of people in uni, it would have been just another day of life. who cares if the trees by the library was a little redder or yellow-er than before? or whether the leaves dances while it falls to the ground with the autumn breeze?

but to me, it was just oh, so irresistable!

This IS the nature of human, don't you think so? not knowing how to appreciate things when you know you have them. That when things come so naturally, you expect it to continue coming. And thus, tend to forget that it may not be so. hmm.

Anyway, before I pull myself into philosophies of life, it's not that I'm saying that the Japanese doesn't appreciate the season. But, I just think that most of them have already forgotten the moment of joy when they first experienced autumn. or the first moment they saw a red leave instead of a green one. as it happened such a long time ago.

But for me, it was different. My first time seeing red maple leaves was just a year ago. Not only was I not a baby, but I was experiencing it as someone who had always wanted to see and feel the real thing. And as someone matured enough to appreciate and to remember the beauty of nature.

For once, I felt that I was blessed to be born a Malaysian.

*special thanks to my housemate who reminded me to bring my camera ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Colours of Autumn

orange to red

in the stream

oh, so red



in the sky

splash of colours

steps to uni

banpaku park

by the lake

into the blues

I'm in love.

In love with the colours of autumn. not only everyone's favourite red, but the splash of orange, yellow, red, and green, all in one. and when combined with the blueness of the clear autumn sky, it cannot be anymore perfect.

I have to confess that I have never really appreciated the wonders of nature while back at home. But since arriving here, nature has never stopped giving me little surprises along my little journey in Japan.

It has never really occured to me before that little things in life does make a difference, until now.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Kyoto's International Conference Hall's Park

Kyoto's International Conference Hall's Park

I was there last weekend to participate in Kyoto Prize for Arts and Philosophy Workshop. Just brought my camera along although I guessed it wouldn't be useful since I would be spending the whole day at the workshop. But surprisingly, I found a really nice park at the side of the building during the intermission. :) with japanese carps and swans in the lake, yellow/orange leaves surrounding it, and the autumn breeze running through your sleeves, you just feel sooo comfortable.

and the workshop, it turned out not bad too. better than I thought what it would have been! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


one of the things I've been indulging in since coming to japan - desserts. hehe. never really had the mentality of 'main dish, then dessert' kinda thing before I came to japan. mostly in Malaysia, it would have been dinner then fruits.But here, mostly after meals, I would always opt for something sweet and nice, especially when I feel like spending.

Blame it to the Japanese culture! :p Unlike Malaysia, you always find a dessert menu here in the restaurants here, and they don't just serve you any frozen sundae kept in the freezer for ages, but really nice, fresh ones like the one above. Adding on to it, all-you-can-eat-dessert shops aren't hard to find too! How could anyone resist such temptation, right? ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

mashed potatoes

one of my latest creation. nothing exotic, just plain mashed potato. but, one of my favourites though. I've always liked it with sauce, just like the one you get in kentucky fried chicken in Malaysia. So, I tried making the sauce this time with the base of mushroom soup, adding in some soy sauce, lots of pepper and some diced carrots, potatoes and mushrooms. and it ended up pretty yummy! although it wasn't exactly the same as the one from kfc, but who cares! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

a smile

Yes, I know. She's not any hot chick, but just another obachan (old lady) dressed up in some japanese traditional costume. But her smile was what captured me. I had always liked taking pictures of smiles. Not any other 'say cheese' or 'hai! ikimasu yo!' smiles. But pictures of people giggling or smiling shyly or laughing their hearts out. I think it's the most beautiful part of human. Like this obachan here, her smile makes me feel so warm at heart! maybe it's just me, but I hope it does the same for you too! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mum's garden

mum's bougainvillea
or much popular knowned as bunga kertas in malay because of it's paper-like petals.

aunty lim's baby pandan* flavoured coconuts

mum's fu gui hua (if translated literally, the prosperity flower)

mum's berry, with a tiny visitor

paid a little visit to mum's garden when I was back last summer. It's been quite long since I last ventured into her territory. Still remember how I used to play in the garden when I was in primary school, but never really stepped in anymore after that. IRC, ICQ, emails, shopping, partying. Those were the days of my high school life.

Mum always kept her garden well and pretty as long as she had time. But me, I guess I never got the gardening skills from her. :p But glad that I'm a little into photographs now. So that me, her daughter shall frame up all her glories with my dear little digital camera. Not a bad combination, heh? mum and daughter, gardener and photographer. Both amatuers. hehe :)

*(Daun) Pandan ⇒ pandanus leaves, often used in south east asian cooking to add a distinct aroma to food

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


the rose on the way to uni

wild plant growing out the fence

I've always liked taking pictures of flowers, I dunno why. Perhaps because the flowers here are really nice. Perhaps it's because I have gotten myself a digital camera since I came to Japan. Perhaps it's because they have spring and autumn here, which makes flowers and even weeds look prettier. I really have no idea. But, it always reminds me of how nature can take u by surprise all the time. :)

*do expect many more pictures of plants coming up after this. hehe

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Osaka University Festival - Machikane Sai

It has been like every other school festivals in Japan. Stalls with japanese food, games, stage performances, dressed up characters, all in for one motive - to promote their club/societies, and to earn a little for their club/society's fund.

guys in schoolgirl uniforms

girls in tiger costumes

half naked guys

Have been seeing and hearing it since I entered uni this April that for the first 2 years of uni, you will see the japs dedicating their whole life into club/societies, or much rather circles as they call it. It's really not unusual to see them sacrificing their lunchbreaks to practice a capella or juggling, or to see them staying back almost everyday after class, blasting musics to practice streetdance. And hanging out with the people from that 'circle' itself. Their life revolves only around that 'circle', and only that 'circle' itself.

So, guys in girls uniforms, girls in tiger costumes or half naked guys in autumn is how u define 'normal' here, I guess. It may be a culture shock for foreigners who are new in Japan, but if you look from another point of view, it might be quite fun. Afterall, what other times can u be crazy besides your uni days? ;)