Saturday, May 20, 2006

Backpacking London II - pictures pictures!

hmm.. where to go?

The Marble Arch

another angle

Behind the Marble Arch, in Hyde Park

At the park leading up to Buckingham Palace

Posing away

Guards at work

At the allegorical fountain of Victoria Memorial

London Eye

Big Ben and the houses of parliament,
at the other end of Westminster Bridge

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Backpacking London - Borough Market!




french loaves!

dried fruits and nuts

this place has got very yummy scones

chorizo man at work

chorizos at high temperature

beef burger in the process

So, who said London is dull and boring? This place was one of the coolest place throughout my whole Backpaking Europe! trip. (especially for food lovers, please take note!)

I was just starting to go through my London trip photos again to post it on here, and suddenly realised that only photos from Borough's Market was enough to make a single entry. Won't be typing much here though, since pictures speak louder than words, I think. :)

*pointer: Never miss the fresh hot apple juice, especially when it's one of the bitterly cold winter days. It can really warm your heart up!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bhutan and Seychelles

I want to go to Bhutan and Seychelles!

I know it has not even been 2 months since the Europe trip, and that I haven't even really settled down, photo-sorting wise and emotionally wise. But, I want to go to Bhutan and Seychelles!

The fact that Bhutan relies on GNH (Gross National Happiness), instead of the usual GNP to measure the country's progress amuses me. And that it is tobacco-less! haha. I think the whole world should really take Bhutan as an example. Yes, in terms of GNP, Bhutan can be rated as a poor country. But from a totally different point of view, beggars and homeless are non-existent. Japan IS rich, but take a walk in any of the parks, you can still see homeless camping here and there.

Of course, this is not the only reason bringing me to a country where only it's own airline monopolises all the flights into the country the and allows no individual travellers. For those who love architecture, all buildings in Bhutan is conform to Bhutanese traditional design. And for those who travels to experience, and thus understanding cultural differences, Bhutan is often described as the last surviving refuge preserving it's traditional Himalayan Bhuddist culture.

As for Seychelles, it can't compare to Bhutan in government policy nor architecture nor the culture. However, for people who loves the beach, who loves snorkelling or diving, who just loves being under water, Seychelles should be listed in one of the must-go lists.

The idea of going didn't really hit me, until when I came upon a small article about Aldabra in Seychelles yesterday in the Time magazine. And after google-ing it, the idea has planted it's roots in me. Taken from the Lonely Planet page:
Aldabra is the original habitat of the giant land tortoise.There are about 200,000 of the tortoises on the atoll, as well as thousands of seabirds, including the white-throated rail, the sole remaining species of flightless bird in the Indian Ocean. The only people who live on Aldabra are scientists, and they're only here three months of the year.

Aldabra is like paradise. The extent of how much I really want to go? I dreamt of the tortoises last night. I was swimming with them. :)

*Just thought I should put this down here as a record, to make sure I do get to Bhutan one day.
and Seychelles, probably this year or next. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In Between Dreams

I love working on holidays to Jack's music.

Feels like I'm in Hawaii, under a tree, feeling the see breeze, and hearing the ryhthm of the waves.

Reminds me of London. Bird, No. 1 & Caryn. Flat 9. Oh. And not forgetting, Jack the Onion. :)