Sunday, April 15, 2007

Win or lose?

"Sometimes you win, but you really lose. Sometimes you lose, but you really win."

Quoted from the movie 'White men can't jump'. If you haven't seen the movie before, check it out! One of the few movies that I watched when I was little and still remembers it. :)

Below, quoted from a primary schoolmate's blog. Found it worth sharing.

1. You backstab a friend to gain advantage ground for yourself. You win, but you reallly lose. You lose trust.

2. You retaliate to your enemies by constantly trying to hurt/embarass/harm them. You win, but you really lose. You lose respect.

3. You break a promise because you did think the person you promised to was worth your effort. You win spare time to yourself, but you really lose. You lose credibility.

4. You bribe a person of authority to get a favour. You win the favour, but you really lose. You lose honour.

5. You ignore your friends because you feel you need time to yourself. You win alone-time, but you really lose. You lose your friend's confidence in you.

The list goes on and on......

Try it. Before you make every decision, ask yourself.

"Do I really win?"