Monday, September 08, 2008

Malaysian skies

The first day I stepped foot into Osaka, I fell in love with the Osakan skies. And then fell even deeper during the first summer when there were blue skies with different kinds of clouds everyday!

I tried to recall how the skies looked like when I was in Malaysia but just couldn't remember anything. Then only I realised that I never really spent time watching the skies when I was back in Malaysia. Unlike when I'm in Osaka, I often look out into the skies in between studies, or when I'm riding the bus, or waiting for the bus to come, or on the bicycle.

I've been back in Malaysia for a week now. And today was the first time in my whole life, I sat down to watch the Malaysian skies. And it was beautiful. It was more beautiful than I expected. I couldn't help wondering whether there was someone out there who thought the same as I did, that the Malaysian skies were just beautiful today.