Sunday, July 22, 2007


Girlfriends are like gems in life. Gems that brighten up your day when you are feeling oh, so blue. Gems that shine and accompany you when the journey suddenly becomes dark.

I never really knew how precious they were when I was back in high school. Of course, no doubt I always felt grateful to have such wonderful people in my life , knowing that they are always there for me, and me for them. Breakfasts on weekends, going shopping, gossips throughout the night, giving the people we secretly admired nicknames.

Back then, we were only a ring away. Now, we are a million miles away.

All scattered around the world. One in US, one in UK, one in Malaysia, one here in Japan. Though now, with MSN, we are just a click away. But, it's different. So packed up with exams (though I guess I am the only one now still schooling) and work and all other ridiculous things in life, it is so hard to catch up with each other! How I hope things stayed the way it was. Then maybe now, right this moment, we should be hanging out in bee's spa, spending quality girlfriends' time.

Hmmm. But this is life. If not for the distance in between, I may not have come to realise how important you girls are in my life. Thank you for being in my life.

Love you girls always. *hugssssss*

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Am I being Japan-ised?

blusher on top of briefcase

I always found Japanese girls putting on makeup on the bus or the train something unbelievable. Something that I thought I will never be able to understand. Until today. When I did the same thing myself, while rushing for an interview.

And then I thought. Maybe it's not that strange afterall.

And then I thought again. Uh Oh. Am I being Japan-ised?!

And then I thought againnnnn. If I really am.... is it something bad?

Hmmmmm.. Are you Japan-ised?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007