Monday, November 27, 2006

Jingle jingle

Still a month to go before Christmas, but I could hear the jingles already. In the housing area I stay in, it's pretty much like what you see in the movie The Grinch.

Christmas illuminations is a BIG THING here. I have no idea whether it's just purely those I-don't-wanna-lose-to-you kinda neighbourhood thing or whether they are very much in the festive mood. But whatever it is, I cannot deny the fact that it surely does give the whole neighbourhood a romantic, christmas-ty feel, warming up everyone's heart in the bitterly cold season.

Glad to be here. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Little treats for the tired soul

It's been (what?!) almost a month now since my last entry. Yups, I have been that busy. Just like any other university student, it's all about rushing for deadlines, deadlines, and deadlines after deadlines. DEADLINES!!! *faint*

*declaration: I am not complaining here. Just the usual ramblings of a greedy piggy who wants to be successful, yet wanting things to be easy. So, yes, you can ignore me.

Anyway, it's just another one of those not-so-up days in life. And thus, I decided to skip class, come home, and give myself some treats. Flan, custard, pudding...whatever. Who really cares for the name as long as it soothes the tired soul? Baking really does take your mind off a lot of things. *big satisfied smile*

*ps: mr. ed, remember we used to bake this together when we were kids? the good old days.. :)