Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Overdue post no. 2? Time for love!

My long overdue post no. 2 was supposed to be about something I cooked weeks ago, something that I no longer remember now and something that definitely has nothing to do with what I am going to say starting from now.

It took me long enough to finally realise that it's not because of how little time I have nowadays that is keeping me away from blogging, but the fact that blogging isn't really at the top of my priority list. I am sure if I loved blogging enough, I wouldn't be chatting away on msn nor would I be spending hours after hours watching SATC on my 17in monitor, and not spending even a minute to sit down and type. But, it proved too, that I really haven't had any time to just sit down, rest and think for the past few weeks.

There were definitely the 'oh, that's too bad..'s when I told people my ski/snowboard trip was cancelled and there's pretty much no more plans left in my 2 weeks winter holiday. But honestly, I was kinda relieved in a way. And it brings me to wonder, maybe it is time to slow down, take a breath, and look around? Afterall, it's the holiday season! Time for family and friends. Time for love!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

overdue post no. 1 - fishie fishie?

I rarely cook fish. This was one of the exceptions since the fish was fresh and cheap and definitely yummy to steam. So I microwave-steamed it! If you've never microwave-steamed fish before, you really should try it out!

Just use plastic wrap to wrap up the plate and slide it into the microwave. Timing differs according to the sizes of the fish. So I just used the reheating button, and it came out fine :)

For the sauce, mix hot water with soy sauce, a little bit of sugar, some 料理酒, sliced onions and some dried cut up chilis! Oh, and not forgetting to squeeze in some lemon!! And tada!! A less than 10 minutes dish! Great for those busy days when you don't even have time to blog! :p